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This information will help you get through the physical, mental, and emotional journey of completing a Half Marathon.  There is nothing like the feeling you get from crossing a finish line, the  feeling of “I did it, I have what it takes!” And we all have the confidence in 'you' that you have what it takes and we will do it together! 

In physical terms, the goal for you is to complete the predetermined distances in a safe and healthy manner. Course for Change is a mentoring program. You can think of a mentor as a personal trainer. This program will teach you to set and achieve goals. You will be able to apply the lessons that you learn from running to everyday situations in your life.  You will be able to look at challenges and not be afraid that you can’t do it,  you will see the challenges as an opportunity to do your best and to ask for  help if needed. Through hard work and dedication you will learn what you  can do, what you’re made of and that you do have what it takes! 

We will meet at Chesapeake Finish Line Tower at the OK River Trails (606  Riversport Dr. OKC OK 73129) unless told otherwise. 

Don’t forget to wear appropriate running clothes and shoes. If you have any questions  please feel free to email or call Cristian Medina at 405.889.9950

Course for Change OKC Mentoring Agreement

Course for Change OKC is a mentoring program for at-risk youth in which running is used as a vehicle to cultivate the mentoring relationship. As effective mentoring relationships are the most important resource in the program, Course for Change asks that you agree to follow these guidelines as a mentor.


  • To place personal running goals secondary to the needs of the youth participants. Please adjust your running time to accommodate youth that may not have a mentor at their pace.


  • To run side by side and converse with youth during the majority of each training run and race.


  • To be willing to adjust your running pace to the pace of the youth(s) at each training run and race.


  • To attend 85% of the training runs/races and complete 80% of the training miles during the season. Mentors must be available to run the half marathon in order to begin the season.


  • To offer positive encouragement to CFC youth towards a goal of completion, rather than competition.


  • To be a positive role model for the CFC youth and set acceptable training and behavioral standards this includes enforcing the Youth “Code of Conduct.”


  • To maintain personal boundaries while interacting with CFC youth.


  • To never train or mentor alone with youth of the opposite gender.


  • To support the program through participation in mentor trainings, mentor meetings and other ancillary activities.


  • Follow training schedule and be sure youth are able to follow the training schedule and be able to coach them through difficult training. Report inability to adhere to training schedule to the coordinator, or you believe the youth is not putting forth the effort you believe they are capable of. All youth and mentors should maintain a minimum of 14-minute mile pace.


  • Support policies of CFC and approach the coordinator first with questions, conflicts or concerns about the youth or program.

Eligibility Policies

  • Youth must report the reason for absence.

  • Youth have two weeks from the date of the absence to make up the same run. After two weeks the strike becomes permanent and cannot be removed. Youth must make arrangements with a mentor to make up the run with them.

  • Long Run absences must be made up with a Long run.

  • Youth can have three permanent strikes but once the fourth strike becomes permanent, they must drop from the program.

  • Youth who do not show up for a race will receive a permanent strike.

  • Youth may have no more than one strike in order to receive shoes/running gear at the time the gear is distributed.

  • Conduct strikes can be issued by mentors or the CFC coordinator.

  • The CFC Coordinator and/or leaders can dismiss a youth from the program on the spot for disciplinary issues. The CFC board may seek input from mentors in making disciplinary decisions but the board ultimately has decision making discretion on all disciplinary matters.

  • Lack of effort strikes can be issued by mentors and are treated the same as an absence strike.

  • Youth who fall behind the last mentor in the pack may be given a lack of effort and will be turned around on the path and sent back to the start.

  • Youth who cannot maintain the run/walk pace are subject to receiving a strike.

  • Regardless of the number of absences, all youth must run 80% of the total miles possible, to be eligible to run the half.

  • Youth will not be registered to run the half unless they have run 80% of the miles possible. Registration for the half is limited by the race, and registration may be closed by the race directors prior to a youth reaching 80%, if they are behind on miles.

  • Youth must complete the six mile (84 minutes) and 10 miles (2 hours 20 minutes) to be eligible to run the half. All weekday training runs must be completed at a 13 minute pace or faster.

  • Youth will not be allowed to run without appropriate running clothes during all runs/races. Jeans, pajamas, coats, revealing clothing and sagging are not permitted.

  • All runners must wear their CFC race shirt on the exterior of their clothing at all races.

  • Upon finishing all training runs and races, youth will remain at the finish to support teammates, unless excused by the lead mentor.

Media Consent

As part of the Course for Change OKC program, participants may be photographed for use in CFC OKC events, promotions or publications. Your picture may thereafter appear in program highlights, brochures, newspapers or newscasts. 

Please sign consent & release form

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